Bryan Reed is a contemporary jazz multi instrumentalist, producer and composer.  He has released three albums and three singles as an artist/producer through Turn Out Records.  His most recent single, Just Believe, is available now on streaming platforms. 

Raised in Waynesboro Virginia, to very music-oriented grandparents, Bryan started his music journey taking piano lessons with his grandmother at an early age before teaching himself to play other instruments.  After college Bryan enlisted in the military service as communications technician until retirement.  Several years later (2022) Bryan joined Turn Out Records LLC as a writer/producer.  His debut album Come Closer, released in 2020 featured smooth instrumental jams played by piano, saxophone and trumpet.  Bryan composed and co produced alongside TOR producer Marquis Mays with RJ Strayhorn mixing the entire project.  

As a producer and instrumentalist, Bryan has worked with a number of music talents to include Christian artists David Dawson,  Prophetry and Contemporary Smooth Jazz artist Bryan C Easter.  Known for his unique sound, Reed has become a major presence on Contemporary Smooth Jazz radio.  

With his current release 'Just Believe',  Bryan captures melodic interplay with harmonic sophistication.  This track is never short of a memorable line or two.